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What have you heard so far? Direct Primary Care continues to grow locally and nationwide as an option to help supplement/compliment insurance plans with high deductibles, which help keep upfront costs down but can cost lots more in general office visits in the long run. Hence the birth of Direct Primary Care.

Upcoming Free Immunization Clinic

Tuesday - August 12, 2014
2pm - 6pm


We will be performing the required immunizations needed for 1st - 12th graders at our office in Camas.


• Need current proof of prior immunizations
• Need Parent Present

• Walk-Ins Only


Some restrictions apply. Call Us Today for details.


Spring and summer are the times of the year for bee season.  Getting stung by a bee is never enjoyable, however the people with bee sting allergies it can be fatal.  Did you know that most stings from bees or wasps can be avoided?


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